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About KD Panels

Since the establishment of Keding Enterprises Co., Ltd. (KD Panels) in 2002, KD Panels has been dedicated to the innovation of finishes and colors of wooden products and providing various alternatives for our customers in the decorative industry. KD Panels is not only a decorative material supplier, but also an experienced manufacturer that can customize your products to fulfill your demands. In the recent years, we have seen the demand of KD Products increase in the world, especially in the hospitality, residential and commercial design industry.

Why Become KD Distributor

In order to service all clients, we have decided to invite distributors around the world to join KD Panels. With an already strong global sales network, KD products have been successfully specified in luxury hotel projects, such as St. Regis Hotel Maldives, Regent Hotel Pho Quoc, and Le Meridien Hotel Dubai. Moreover, KD Panels also holds sufficient stock for all products to minimize lead times and meet project deadlines. Lastly and most important, KD Panels offers great programs for new distributors that would like to open new markets.

1. Training program

KD sales team provide professional product training and sales skills.

2. Online consulting and support.

During the contract year of the distributor, marketing support and sales consultant are available when needed.

3. Inventory buy-back program

Within 12 months, if distributor decides to terminate the contract agreement for any given reason, KD Panels agrees to buy back all stock at 60% of the originally purchased value.

global distributors wanted!

KD Panels focuses on interior surface solutions, and produces high quality and valued products. This year, KD has launched a new product line – ECO+ Panels in the market, and within a few months, KD has reached a remarkable success. Opportunity is only given to those who are ready. Now, it’s your chance! Please contact KD Panels, and we will be glad to assist you for starting up a new business.

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