KD focuses on the training and development of new employees. Based on the need of each staff, our department of human resource makes good use of sufficient and appropriate resources to build up the competitiveness of employees. The company also gets off the ground depending on what we have learned and what we have to pay back.


New employees will participate in the “New Employee Orientation Program” at KD. New employees can acquire industry knowledge and corporate culture through this thorough training program with vast educational resources.

"Employee Orientation"

Corporate Culture Fit-in

As bricks to a solid wall, so is the corporate culture identification is to steadily-grown corporate.The first thing to learn when stepping into work place is to adapt oneself to the core value, which is the key factor to a promising enterprise.

e-Learning System

In this digital era, new employees can cultivate industrial knowledge in a short time with our HRD e-Learning System. Employees at KD are encouraged to strengthen their professional knowledge at any given time.

Professional Courses

To bring new employees in line with our company and the industry to which we belong, KD offers a series of professional courses, including experience sharing, know-how instructions and sales practices so that the aptness and the expertise can be built in the shortest time.

Career Cultivation

At KD, there are over 300 training sessions conducted every year. Courses are planned based on different fields of expertise. Employees may also take part in other courses you are interested in and strengthen any skill desired.

"Professional Knowledge and Self Management"

Professional Skills

Besides basic employee orientation courses, internal and external training is also provided on a regular basis for different departments. These training programs can be sponsored by the Company, with the aim to encourage all KD employees to thrive and stay competitive.

Industry Knowledge

Through the courses from production to sales available to acquire a comprehensive knowledge about the wood industry.

Talent Cultivation

All managers at KD are promoted through training and performance evaluation. We believe that a well planned multi-functional training program can enable these individuals to be better prepared and for the new challenges ahead.

Enrich Your Career

With increasing competition in modern society, KD has set up a complete career cultivation plan for each individual. Member’s careers can be significantly enriched with a broadened mindset and diversified knowledge.

"Stand Firm and Thrive"

Widen Your Horizons

Watch, listen and learn. Widen your horizons through our platform.

Be a professional

Determine who you are through our external courses and fins infinite possibilities.

Brighter Future

Work smart and take on the road to your ideal self.

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