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Setting a New Standard for Interior Design Surfaces

Keding Enterprises (KD) is recognized globally as a leading designer and manufacturer of products for interior surfaces.

Established in Taiwan in 2002, we have pioneered a range of innovative and environmentally friendly wood panel, flooring, and laminate products that also exude an air of luxury and elegance—tireless dedication to both innovation and environmental conservation practices sets us apart.

Listed on the Taiwan stock exchange, KD operates in more than fifteen countries worldwide. Our products are trusted by apex brands such as Marriot, Hyatt, Hilton, Sheraton, Lexus, Google, Starbucks, Universal Resort, to name a few.

KD products have been awarded multiple international certificates which include the FSC Chain of Custody Certificate, Taiwan-made MIT Certification, and Japan F-☆☆☆☆ Certification.

The proven success of our 100 global sales channels have generated more than $ 1.5 Billion in sales.

Publicly Listed Company

100 Global Sales Channels

Proven Sales Success

Over $1.5 Billion in Sales


We Guarantee Your Success With Minimum Investment

Keding Enterprises’  US$100 million global business development program aims to recruit qualified franchise agents in major cities around the world, providing sufficient resources guaranteeing success.

If you yearn for financial freedom and are looking for a continuously growing source of income, this innovative and ambitious business franchise plan could be exactly right for you. Come and join us!

Return On Investment


Minimum Investment

5 Months

Break Even

8 Months

Cost Recovery

USD 300K

First Year Earnings

USD 1.5M

Three Year Earnings


Return on Investment

Your success is guaranteed because we provide all the support you need for just a minimum investment. We limit your costs and increase your ROI by delivering:

Catalog Discounts

The head office covers 30% of the purchase cost, reducing your marketing expenses.

Marketing Tool

We provide professional marketing videos and advertising free of charge.

Education and Training

Efficient solutions for your customers are our priority.

Inventory Allocation

The central warehouse, set up by the head office, allocates inventory in real-time based on your needs.

Potential Customers List

We will assist you in collecting a list of potential customers.

After-sales support

We will provide support services such as handling complaints, returns, and exchanges.

Outsourcing service

Our team offers paid support services for phone calls and personalized product introductions.

CRM system

The provided CRM system establishes systematic business management.

We also offer you the opportunity to waive your franchise fee and obtain discounts on purchases when you meet sales targets. By achieving those targets, you limit your cost of operation even more!

success story

KD ECO⁺ LAMINATES—Revolutionizing Interior Surface Design

Our newest product line, KD ECO Laminates, introduces a new surface decoration material that improves on traditional PVC and melamine materials.

KD ECO⁺ Laminate

This product line uses non-toxic food-grade PP materials.The advantages include

  • scratch resistance
  • increased durability
  • easy to bend without cracking
  • application and cutting is much easier

all of which reduces effort in laminating, making the process smoother.

KD ECO laminates embody elegance and offer a wide selection such as hyper-realistic wood grain finishes that are almost more real than actual wood grain. Laminates are also available in a range of classic solid colors. These laminates also allow seamless edges with uniform color, perfectly meeting all design needs and providing a fresh perspective on what is possible in the design and manufacture of products for interior surfaces.

Territory/Country Franchisee Responsibilities

  • Ensure daily compliance with all operating procedures. Oversee operations and implement management.
  • Execute Franchisor-approved marketing campaigns and promotions.
  • Build relationships with local stakeholders to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.
  • Adopt and execute operational procedures of Keding Enterprises.
  • Formulate regular reports to the franchisor on performance indicators and metrics set.

Thinking of Starting a Business from Scratch?

Who are Your Target Customers?

  • Designers
  • Decoration Companies
  • Construction teams
  • Home DIY Enthusiasts
  • Building Materials Wholesalers
  • Physical and Online Retailers

If you are able, you should aim to get an office in your target city and hire at least one assistant to help you launch the new business.

However, we recommend that you try to reduce fixed expenses as much as possible in these early stages. You can start off from home just with a mobile phone and notebook computer.

Partnering with us at KD is an excellent business opportunity. Hit the ground running by researching your potential market, visiting interior designers and other potential customers in your target group, as well as learning more about the industry ecosystem. Discuss it with your family and friends and get their support.

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