An artist’s blueprint with custom-made wooden furniture

In the article “Comparison between modular furniture and custom-made wooden furniture”, we introduced the differences between the two in terms of the production process. From this introduction, it can be appreciated that there are great differences between modular furniture and custom-made wooden in terms of the materials and production process, and that custom-made furniture, specially designed by designers and handcrafted by professional carpenters, is far superior both in terms of texture and design. In this article, let’s look at the effects and quality of wooden furniture in the home.

Using creativity to make your home your own design space

Handmade wooden furniture can be customized to suit the customer’s needs and desired style of living, allowing for a wide range of irregular spaces to be utilized without any decorative dead spots. Wooden furnishings can also provide a holistic design, with veneered wood panels providing a consistent look to the cabinetry and interior décor, in an urban world where every inch of land is precious, a great way to make your home inviting and grand, rustic yet creative, is to use KD Panels with other décor materials.

Taking the actual project picture by Yantuo Design as an example. The designer separated the kitchen from the dining room by means of a sliding door, not only to prevent fumes from escaping from the kitchen when the door is closed, but also to create a design wall with KD Panels. The warm and gentle texture and soft colors also create a pleasant atmosphere for the family when they are sharing their dinner. When the sliding door is opened, it reveals a whole range of open spaces, making the living space versatile and enriching.
In addition, the designer has also created custom-made irregular sized cabinets in the corners, using KD Panels in the same color, to add storage and vitality to the design. A distinctive feature of this setting is the use of mirrored surfaces to add visual extensions and to reflect the overall design of the wood grain. The final touch is the soft light of the Japanese chandelier, adding the perfect finishing accent to the space. This is a holistic approach to decorating that can be adapted to the size of the space and the design of the beams, and is not something that can be achieved with modular furniture.

Safety and health in the home is the primary criteria for choosing a decorating method

I have often heard of people saying that a lot of toxic substances such as formaldehyde, toluene or lead are left after decorating a new home, causing health issues. This problem won’t be solved by choosing modular furniture. With so much competition in the market, some modular furniture is made from unidentified and non-safety inspected panels, and in addition, underneath the artificially printed wood grain, there can be greater risks.
Therefore, when choosing modular furniture, for the sake of your, and your family’s health, what is most imperative is to use safe materials that have passed the Green Building Materials Label. There is no need to choose between the design quality and health and safety if you use KD Panels that have been painted in the factory and have passed the Green Building Materials F1 grade. With these beautiful panels, you don’t have to worry about toxic substances remaining in your home long-term, thus allowing your home space to be both stylish and safe.
In addition to avoiding toxic substances, home safety is also about prevention, so using building materials that are flame retardant will help prevent the rapid spread of fire and give occupants more time to escape, increasing the quality and safety of the living space and allowing families to spend happy moments together.

Project picture (Photo credit/Kana Design)


Wooden furniture made from prefinished wood veneered panels is far superior to traditionally painted woodwork and modular furniture in every respect, but the painting technique and the choice of panels are both important and crucial when it comes to quality control.


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