Causes of Mildew


Taiwan, which located in the subtropical zone, with the marine tropical climate, is warm and humid at all time. Under the condition, mildew often appears on the interior furniture and cabinets. To be specific, the interior decoration employs the angle bar as the basic framework which covered the decorative materials on it. The angel bar that the moisture content exceeds 18% is very likely to mildew the surface of wood laminate, pre-finished fancy laminate, and even the plywood. Therefore, the solution to avoid mildew generates on the wooden surface is to keep the fresh laid brick wall in dry condition for a while before the addictive decorative works.

How to do

Moreover, the humidity could mildew the surface of decorative materials which attached on the kitchen wall or that close to the bathroom. Thus, the best way to prevent the decorative material from mildew problem is to keep the indoor area with good ventilation, adapting dry angle bar for the basic framework, and keeping the relative humidity of the indoor area stays at the range of 50% to 60 %. In days of continuous rain, it’s advisable to run a dehumidifier. By following those practices above, the durability of the decorative materials could be extended effectively.


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