Engineered flooring selection full strategy

Many people buy engineered flooring without comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each brand. As a result, there are many consumer disputes that occur and large sums of money are spent with questionable quality. Therefore, how should you select the right wood flooring? Here we give you some tips before making your choice.

What is Engineered flooring?

In tropical climates like Taiwan and Singapore, engineered flooring is the most suitable product for interior spaces. This flooring is developed specifically for high humidity environments. Engineered flooring consists of a layer of veneer laid up on a plywood base. With this structure, expansion and deformation problems due to temperature and humidity can be avoided while maintaining the look of solid wood flooring.

How to choose the Engineered flooring?

There are plenty of options when choosing engineered flooring. Price difference is also relatively large depending on the type of wood species and production quality. This article will take you through 3 main points for choosing the engineered flooring you want with great value!

► How much do you know about wood flooring?

1. Wood species and origin.

Since price ranges vary significantly, ensuring you choose authentic wood is very crucial. Many brand offer inexpensive floorings that market themselves as high end species like Ebony, Teak or Padauk due to the color appearance but in fact, are not the actual species. Quality and wood grain are far from the real product, and the cost is several times worse. Such stained wood flooring is not only prone to fading problems in order to disguise inferior wood defects, but also must be covered with thick lacquer, losing the beauty of wood flooring.

All of KD’s woods are species from authentic production areas. Whether it is Burmese teak, Russian elm, or North American maple, etc., they are selected and confirmed on-site by professional wood sourcing experts who visit each country. Even though the cost is higher and a lot of human resources are required, KD insists on personally checking and never compromising to do the strictest gate-keeping for consumers.

2. Substrate and gluing technology affect durability

After installing engineered flooring, consumers cannot directly observe the part of the substrate and veneer adhesion, but this is often the key to durability and quality. In order to reduce the cost, many companies use miscellaneous wood plywood from unknown sources, which can easily cause an unstable structure and uneven surface. In terms of laminating technology, the general industry only uses the cold pressing method, and the glue is unstable and easy to produce delamination.

KD hand-scraped wood flooring is an engineered flooring suitable for Taiwan’s climate. It is made of selected Russian birch wood and Indonesian red gum plywood, using multi-structured boards. In addition to the characteristics of waterproof and not easy to twist and deform, more importantly, KD Flooring Series are SG Green Label certified, avoiding high formaldehyde products to keep your home safe. In addition, KD uses cold pressing followed by hot-pressing to completely harden the glue, which results in more stable quality and higher adhesion, and is more secure for durability after construction.

3. Varnishing techniques and flooring materials are the key to texture

At present, engineered flooring is mostly use of machine coloring. The color fully cover the wood grain, causing the appearance looks dead, smooth, and similar with laminate flooring. In addition, using the unknown brand of the lacquer will harm our health under the long-term exposure.

KD flooring always insists on using hand-rubbed color varnish and introduces German environmental protection paint to improve into KD top paint. Not only allowing the environmental protection color to penetrate into the wood to make wood grain be transparent and three-dimensional, but also enhances the hardness and toughness to protect the wood veneer completely.

Residential project picture (Photo credit / Simpson Design)


Most of engineered flooring on the market is flat. KD hand-scraped wood flooring, under the joint research and development of KD’s director Huang Tianhua and Taiwan’s fine sculptor Mary Leu, presents the natural texture of wood flooring through a purely manual color rubbing and hand-scraping process. Let the artwork no longer exist only in the window but completely integrated into the pace of life.

After all this, do you feel that there is a big difference in the quality of engineered flooring? In addition to the quality of the product, the construction team is also very important. KD has the best construction team, who will carry out dust removal before construction, and will carefully protect the site furniture or clean the site. Also, we carefully confirm the quality of the finished work and provide complete after-sales service. Do you want to install wood flooring in your home? Or would you like to learn more about wood flooring? Welcome to visit KD showroom and enjoy the natural beauty of wood flooring.

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