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For commercial brands, apart from offering a first-class service, a well-designed interior décor and atmosphere is also important to enhance its value. For business settings, wood has long been a top choice when selecting materials. Warmth and refinement are conveyed through the use of wood and can be used to create a wide range of styles such as, luxury, elegance, playfulness and rustic.

KD Prefinished Veneer Panels and Wood Flooring are used by many internationally recognized hotels, restaurant chains, and other commercial space design teams. From design to decoration, it not only makes customers feel at ease, but it also helps add to the brand’s value and image. To satisfy the needs of different designs and styles, KD offers a selection of multiple colors and eco-friendly decorative materials.

(St Regis Maldives Vommuli Island Resort。Image credit/WOW Architects。Product used/K6196GN、K6196HN、K6196DN、K6169CS)

An internationally recognized brand for eco-friendly decorative materials

Since our establishment, KD is committed to the development and implementation of environmentally friendly decorative materials. With rigor and a meticulous approach, we continue to develop and innovate, as well as create products that satisfy the needs of our consumers. KD has a one-stop production line and manages its own marketing channels to maintain a rigorous system for quality control and service.
KD has been used in many parts of the world, including Mainland China, the United States, India, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand to name a few. KD products are used in a variety of markets, including internationally known chain restaurants and public construction projects. KD is an industry leader on a global scale, as well as the designer’s preferred choice of eco-friendly decorative materials.

►KD global locations

KD can be found in 25 countries throughout the world. (photo credit / KD)

Create a healthy and safe living environment

People in the current society spend up to 90% of their time indoors, hence, spending long periods of time in an environment with high formaldehyde concentration may cause risks to our health. The World Health Organization classifies formaldehyde as a first-class carcinogen and can be found in a many construction materials. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to select safe, low-formaldehyde materials, to avoid any health related hazards.
KD is committed to minimizing the formaldehyde level of decorative materials. Our products are Singapore Green Label certified and compliant with Japanese F☆☆☆☆ Environmental Protection Standards. Also, KD’s exclusive coating can further protect your health by reducing the hazardous particles produced during the construction phase.

Picture provided / Keding Enterprises

We offer a wide range of decorative materials to meet the needs of our customers

KD Panels are available in more than 300 options, including prefinished wood veneer panels, engineered wood flooring, ECO⁺ Panels, and etc. KD Panels also holds sufficient stock for all products to minimize lead times and meet project deadlines. Therefore, there is no MOQ requirements in your order. Customized products are also available upon request.

KD products


KD Prefinished Veneered Panels (KD Panels)

KD offers prefinished veneered panels in a standard dimension of 1220*2440mm. Instead of using the conventional coating process, we pre-finish and coat the veneer panel surface with KD exclusive coating before leaving the factory, making it ready-to-use. All KD Panels are made with F1 low-formaldehyde plywood and also provide advantages such as heat, stain and scratch resistance.

►KD Panels

(Image credit/LETSTYLE. Product used/K6181CS)

(The advantages of KD Panels. Image provided / Keding Enterprises)

KD ECO⁺ Panels

Eco-friendly, long-lasting, and appealing to the eye KD ECO⁺ Panels utilize realistic wood grain printing technology that matches the color and texture of KD prefinished veneered panels. These panels have low formaldehyde emissions with a stable structure and are moisture resistant. For extra protection, the cabinet surface material is constructed of food-grade PP materials and coated with EB coating technology.

KD ECO⁺ Panels

(The advantages of KD ECO+ Panels. Image provided / KD)

KD Wood Flooring

KD Wood Flooring is an engineered flooring that comes in many colors and variations. All products are SG Green Label certified to ensure safe use. KD uses a golden proportion to achieve a harmonious combination of sophistication and aesthetics. The 1800mm long hand-scraped series and the 2430mm wide plank series can effectively reduce the joints in your project and create a greater spacious look.

KD Flooring

(Image credit/LETSTYLE. Product used/ K3287C)

(The advantages of KD wood flooring. Image provided / Keding Enterprises)

Warm atmosphere created by a luxurious and exquisite wood design

KD products are used in many luxury hotels around the world, including The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort, Regent Phu Quoc, Le Meridien Dubai, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, Hotel Breeze Bay Marina Okinawa and others. These projects feature KD Panels and Wood Flooring that add a touch of nature and warmth to create an ambiance of luxury and subtle elegance to ensure the best experience to their guests.
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►Clients who choose KD Panels

(Lakeshore Hotel Suao. Image credit/CHUNFU. Featured product / K6186AS)

(Image source / R&Q co-design. Feature product / K6342)


KD spends significant time and effort in developing high-quality surface materials that are safe, healthy to both the environment and our clientele. All products are in constant supply, no minimum order quantity required when ordering, providing you the maximum flexibility in your order.
KD is committed to developing environmentally friendly goods that satisfy the expectations of consumers for any decorative purpose. When choosing decorative material, KD is your best choice.


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