Milk tea color style décor|Four key points to create a warm, minimalist, MUJI-style home!

Milk tea color has become a popular color option in recent years. No matter in dressing, styling, or decorating, the color expresses a sense of elegance. Due to the soft color tone, the color creates a cozy and comfortable vibe. Therefore, it has become a trend of modern house décor and interior design.

If you are thinking of decorating your space with a milk tea color scheme, color matching and an appropriate layout of the space would be the crucial points. Here are four key points for you to create a relaxing and warm vibe at home with milk tea color.

Color Matching

A milk tea color interior avoids the monotonous feel of white spaces and the heaviness of dark color schemes. The warm and elegant tone creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere. Combining milk tea color with apricot, pale pink, warm grey, skin khaki or earth tones could bring warmth and happiness to the living space.

If you wish to enhance the overall décor style of your residence, consider adding special materials such as stone and leather to increase visual contrast and hierarchy. ►KD Eco+ Panels introduce a new range of special materials. In addition to the milk tea color series , there are also an architectural concrete texture that corresponds to modern aesthetics, a large stone pattern that never goes out of style, and a fashionable leather finish as elegant as luxury goods. These styles make up our versatile product line that satisfies any of your design imaginations.

Image resource/BANSHAN, Used item/ K6307
By using milk-tea-colored walls and warm woods creates a sense of warmth in the bedroom.

Image resource/One Realm Architectural Space Design, Used item/ Ceilng, Wall K5181BS

Image resource/ Ideal Extent, Used item/ Cabinet K6176AS

The gentle and warm wood texture that goes with any style.

To create a warm and welcoming space while choosing a milk tea color scheme, an indispensable element is wood materials. A combination of the softness of the milk tea tone and the warmth of wood textures adds an extra layer of visual dimension to the milk tea interior décor.

As an environmental-friendly manufacturer of healthy building materials, KD Panels continue to develop and innovate products that meet the needs of consumers. ►KD Panels, ►Wood Flooring, ►Eco+ Panels and a variety of decorative building materials are available in hundreds of options. Including various wood grain textures, alongside with a wide selection of pastel colors such as milk tea and macaron. Used on walls, cabinets, ceilings, floors, grilles, tables, etc., the delicate textures add a touch of elegance and charm to the interior design.

KD Panels trendy color selection

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Eco+ Panels trendy color selection

►KD Eco+ Panels

A study area infused with warm wood tones not only meets the needs of working and reading, but also easily creates a more comfortable feel by embedding soft light. Prefinished wood veneer panels are recommended to be applied on the outside of the cabinets, and Eco+ Panels on the inside of the cabinets. Food-grade PP materials laminated onto a high strength block board, which is environmental-friendly and non-toxic, for you to live healthy and gives you peace of mind.

Image resource/ YIKO design group, Used item/Cabinet, table K6101PE, K6176AS.

A lighter base color was used in the living area to enhance the brightness of the home. While the texture of the wood flooring increases the warmth of the area, the milk tea color of the flooring displays a clean, fresh a high quality feel.

Image resource/ doT & associates, Used item/Floor K3187CH

A milk tea color interior comes in a variety of color tone options. A fresh milk tea scheme that displays lighter shades or a thick milk tea color that shows a caramel-like tone. With a decoration of natural wood tones interweaving with light nude colors, the visual layers of the bedroom could be drastically enriched.
Image resource/Xinlin Engineering, Used item/Wall, cabinet, door, floor K3179GH, K6178CS

If you want to add a sense of steadiness to your space, a milk tea colored decor could also do the job! By using light grey-beige wood while adding some light jazz-grey tones can create a calm and stable atmosphere, which brightens up your personal dressing room.

Image resource/ E&C Design, Used item/Cabinet K6197CS

Cabinets of massive storage space and the brightness of the milk tea color enhances the spaciousness of the bedroom.

Image resource/ Ideal Extent, Used item/Cabinet K6176AS

Low color temperature, warm white light

The right choice of lighting is the key to creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere in your home. Warm white light with a color temperature of (2700K-4000K) can be chosen depending on the effect of the light and the overall brightness of the area. For example, a warm light with low color temperature can be chosen for the bedroom to create a more comfortable and relaxing feel. Soft white light with a higher color temperature can be added to the living room to facilitate casual activities. Appropriate lighting shapes the ideal atmosphere of a milk tea colored decoration at our homes.

In the study, cabinets and tables made with milk tea colored wood materials provides configurable storage space. The embedded soft white light not only warms up the space but also provides complemental illumination.

Image resource/ Vattier Design, Used item/ K5187BS, K5176BS, K5176AS

Furnishings and accessories

Furniture made with wood or leather, decorations or accessories in simple shapes and warm grey tones could be used to blend with the warmth of the room to create an elegant atmosphere.

Natural ornaments such as cotton and linen, bamboo and dried silver grass can be used to add texture and visual warmth to the milk tea colored décor.

Stylish wooden chairs complemented by elegant, dried silver grass were used to enrich the space.

Image resource/ MOBEN DESIGN, Used item/ K6331

Curtains in an earth tone color with pink accessories highlights the freshness and simplicity of the bedroom space.

Image resource/Xinlin Engineering, Used item/ Floor K3179GH

Matching with a pink grey sofa makes the space simple, fresh and welcoming.

Image resource/One Realm Architectural Space Design, Used item/ K5181BS


To create a romantic living space, decorate your space with the trendy milk tea color! Master the color scheme of the space with color matching and enhance the warmth of home with decorations and lighting. Moreover, the most important thing is to integrate wood elements into the space. KD’s eco-friendly and healthy building materials cleverly utilizes the gentle characteristic of wood and delicate wood grain to build a sensible and warm living space. In addition, to protect the health of our families, KD also strives to reduce the level of formaldehyde. All KD products are certified with the SG Green Label to keep carcinogens away from our houses, which gives you peace of mind at home.


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