Romance storyteller – Walnut

Commonly used basic models of dreamy walnut wood

Walnut is the theme of several romantic and lovely tales, both in the East and the West. The Tchaikovsky Nutcracker ballet, which combines dance and music, tells the story of how Clara saved the Nutcracker, who later transformed into a gorgeous prince in a dream and led her to the sugar realm.

The history of the walnut

In Chinese history, the legend of the origin of the walnut was named in the Western Han Dynasty. Zhang Qian returned with the fruit at that time after being sent to the Qianghu in the Western Regions. The fruit is known as a walnut because of its peach-like form. The walnut pulp is oily and sweet, very precious. It was only used as an offering for the emperor to eat, and it carried a symbol of emperor-like dignity. Various legends and fairy tales make people have a beautiful imagination of walnut.

Walnut (Image credit: pixabay)

Not only the nuts of walnuts are welcomed by everyone, but walnut wood is also popular with people. Walnut has high stability, high hardness and strength, good impact resistance, and is easy to process and shape. It is often used as furniture, crafts, cabinets and rifle stocks. Both in terms of practicality and beauty, it has always been deeply fascinated by people, and it has carved beautiful lines for people’s lives.

The wood of walnut

The black walnut tree species from North America is most commonly used in wood building materials. This tree species is one of the most expensive hardwood species in North America due to its superior quality, beautiful color, and superb texture as well as its resistance to insects and corrosion. Walnuts have almost milky white sapwood and light to dark brown heartwood that occasionally has purple or chocolate streaks. Some walnuts have a wavy grain and visible growth rings, creating an attractive natural totem.

(Image credit: Dayang Empire International Interior Design)

The owner hopes that the master bedroom can show a calm and elegant temperament, so the color matching is quite simple, simply using white and coffee to create a space of rest and tranquility. The design of white windows, wardrobes, cabinets, etc. near the lighting place shows a bright atmosphere. The desk and the furniture near the bed are made of walnut, and the dark velvet bed set enhances the overall design texture and gives the bedroom a soft and unique contrast of light and dark.

(Image credit: Dayang Empire International Interior Design)

Lovely hue, serene, and peaceful

Walnut works well in commercial spaces. The gorgeous and elegant wood grain and color, together with lighting and hardware, can enhance the openness of the overall space. Instead of the frigid image that marble gives off, guests may also appreciate the tranquil ambience that walnut wood creates, which makes them feel at home, cozy, and at ease.

Home style designs are constantly changing with fashion. Different eras have distinctive traits and preferences, whether it is in regard to wood type or color tone. But regardless of the path that interior design trends go, walnut’s dark, serene, stunning, and elegant ambience still holds a lot of appeal, and its cozy and serene environment will continue to guard every soul that longs for tranquilly.

(Image credit: Dayang Empire International Interior Design)


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