The Absence of the Grain

The veneer for the veneered laminates requires a certain thickness to show the 3-D characteristics of the natural wood grain. Therefore, the western companies insist in using veneers of over 0.6mm in thickness to maintain the quality which has been the standard in the industry for over hundreds of years.

In Taiwan, some companies started to use thinner veneer to reduce the cost and to increase the profit. Consequently, the veneer used by those companies became thinner and thinner. They declare that they apply thick veneer, but the thicknesses of the veneers applied on the laminates are actually around 0.1mm to 0.2mm. In fact, when the thickness is less than 0.2mm and varnished inappropriately, the appearances of the final products has no difference with the Poly.

It is never easy to find the balance between reality and idealism, but it is our responsibility to develop a product with good value for the society. Therefore, Keding Enterprises, under the principle of “quality first”, selects natural veneers with thickness from 0.3 mm to 1.0 mm. Combined with our special coating technique, the natural texture of the wood grain is clearly represented.

Transparency, honesty, and responsibility are the main principles of Keding Enterprises. With such principles, the thickness of each product is cited with our samples. We except to that this action could be an example and bring a new quality aspect in this industry. We hope our effort and attitude could earn your support to continuously produce professional, high quality products. However, we are not able to mention the thickness of some samples due to the variation of the raw materials.


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