The Finest Wood Finishing

The Finest Wood Finishing

In the 1960’s, Taiwan became one of the places to find the best OEM for the furniture industry in the United States due to its low wages, high manageability, diligence as well as political reasons. The high demand for value products in the United States has increased the tendency for the other areas, such as Europe and Japan, to seek out offshore OEM in Taiwan. Since then, Taiwan has grown to be the world’s largest manufacturing and OEM country for wood furniture.

Finishing is the final step in the manufacturing process of wood furniture, and it is the key to excellent end-product appearance. To preserve the texture and the grain of wood, furniture makers must understand the properties and special characteristics of different wood species. With many years of experience serving the OEM markets, wood furniture manufacturers in Taiwan have had the capability to produce high-end wood finishes. The combination of American, Japanese, and European wood finishing techniques in Taiwan has promoted this country to become well-known in producing high quality wood finishes.

Painting experts in Taiwan have absorbed diverse knowledge throughout the world, including the presentation of wood grain from America, the coloration technique from Italy and the delicate woodworking from Japan. With the combination of these skills and the experiences, the coating technology in Taiwan has been greatly enhanced and distinguished in the world.

Mr. Huang, our factory director, started to learn the skills of wood finishing at the age of 10. With great interests in wood, he enjoyed pursuing his interests in getting excellent wood finishes. In a short period of two years, Mr. Huang had gained a broad knowledge of wood and had the ability to estimate the finish performance for most wood species and allow the character of the wood to show through the finish. Hence, he was regarded as a master of wood finishing. After leaving the army, Mr. Huang started his own business providing high quality wood finishing services in the interior decorative market. His talent and skill in wood finishing made him well known among his contemporaries and interior designers in Taiwan.

In 2002, Mr. Huang became one of the founders of Keding Enterprises Co., Ltd. and started utilizing the UV coating in mass production of prefinished wood veneered panels. In parallel with the advancement of coating technology, he keeps improving his skills of wood finishing with his fellow members to maintain the leading position of Taiwan in the wood finishing industry.


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