Use Wood to Adorn Your Home in a Fresh Style

Space connects people and life. The architectural style captures how individuals envision the home. It’s time to introduce a fresh vibe into the house as the new year draws near. People’s preferences are continually changing as a result of the advancement of technology when comparing ancient and modern design. But no matter how much time passes, wood will always be a part of the timeless designs of all times. The texture of trees hints to the veins of life, and they carry the years. A vivid representation of nature can be seen in every wood grain. With a variety of surface treatments, KD maintains the qualities of wood while providing a rich, layered appearance. In order to comprehend how the use of wood improves life, this article classifies the five most prominent design trends now in use.

Create a Pure Nordic Look by Embracing Nature.

Nordic design is people-oriented and incorporates natural materials. Wood is a necessary home decoration in the area because of the high latitude, chilly climate, and abundant forest resources. The warm texture of wood helps to adjust the visual temperature of the space and create a cozy ambiance. Incorporating elements of Nordic design, PMD enlarges the original color of the veneer, eliminates superfluous lines, and decorates it with plants to enhance the natural beauty of wood in daily life. The light wood color and the white wall are intertwined in the air, conveying a comfortable and elegant atmosphere.

The serene, lovely, leisurely, and interesting mood emanates from the natural texture.
Image credit: Feather Interior Design. Product: K6187AS.

Tranquil Oriental Zen Style

Different from the plain and straightforward expression of Western art, Eastern aesthetics emphasizes the implicit beauty beyond words. The layout emphasizes the artistic conception of “emptiness” and “quietness”. Feather Interior Design creates a serene atmosphere with subtle lines, invoking daylight to connect sky and earth. The freehand brushwork of wood grain texture reveals the oriental heritage in the simplicity and cleanliness, exuding a quiet and beautiful atmosphere, which makes people fascinated. It is incredibly pleasant to read and drink tea here.

The warmth of wood counteracts the coldness of stone and metal to create the cozy atmosphere of a home.
Image credit: TENTEN INTERIORS. Product: K6343AR.

Metropolis Style

Compared with the stacking of colors, low saturation can better enhance the details. The urban style is accustomed to minimalist color matching with metal, mirror and other materials. If the proportion configuration is improper, it may become cold and lose its initial purpose of providing warmth for the home. TENTEN INTERIORS displays the contemporary charm in subdued grayscale tones while outlining the urban style with sleek lines. The wooden series field is created to elicit warmth in the tones of black, gray, and white. The open design can direct light into the space, lessen the wall of beams’ oppressive effect, balance the lofty and cold stone and metal, and build a serene and subdued house.

The industrial style is more approachable because of the delicate wood texture.
Image credit: Natureology Interior Design. Product: K175AS.

Modern Light Industrial Style

One of the most popular decorating trends in recent years is the industrial style, which has made its way from the commercial world into the domestic one. A strong visual style is developed by using unaltered structural elements like metal pipelines and concrete walls, which demonstrate an open and unrestrained expression of space. Instead of using traditional living room furnishings, Natureology Interior Design adopts an open, uncomplicated interpretation of the current, attractive light industrial design. The original texture is enhanced by the subtle and profound interdependence of the wood and mud wall textures. When the light beam falls, the bright wood color becomes the soft-focus special effect of hard-core iron parts, smoothing out the roughness and giving the feeling of a distinctive home. The modest and freehand wood grain sets off the country’s slow and sluggish pace.

The freehand and unpretentious wood texture sets off the leisurely and leisurely pace of the country.
Image credit: Yunsi International Design. Product: K6187AS.

Beautiful Farm Home with Leisurely Surroundings

The material composition of country homes typically uses untamed natural components, which signify a tranquil and enjoyable pace of life. Cultural stone walls and wood grain are effective tools used by Yunsi International Design to evoke a romantic and opulent country atmosphere. Along with the white stone bricks, the white oak hue produces a rich layer that extends from the wall to the ceiling. Different materials serve as the foundation for partitioning domains in an open pattern. A pure and harmonious environment is created by the delicate wood and the rusticity of the stone, which depicts the tranquil and serene years of the countryside.

Stone and wood serve as the foundation for dividing spaces, but they can also work together to create a calming and enjoyable ambience.
Image credit/Yunsi International Design. Product: K6187AS, K6181AS.

Use Wood to Construct a Cozy House.

Home is a mirror that reflects the heart. The design of the house is where the soul’s sustenance is. The heart is reflected in the mirror of home. The design of the house is where the soul’s sustenance is. Wood can be used to decorate a room or to fill a space with diverse purposes in a variety of styles. It is not necessary to invest a lot of time in the new year’s decoration. Wooden walls add warmth, bring urban living closer to nature, and evoke memories of home.

Image credit: MuMu Interior Design. Product: K6187QN, K6193CN, K6343AR.


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