Veneer Oxidation

Oxidation happens to almost any material due to the exposure to air and sunlight. This transition process is extremely slow in most interior spaces, and almost unnoticeable to most people. When we move away objects, such as beds, cabinets, which had been set on the wood flooring for months, we may find that there is a significant difference in color between the floor that has been covered and the floor that is kept uncovered by these objects.

Color fading is a natural phenomenon caused by oxidation and it’s practically impossible to avoid. However, staining and coating are able to slow the oxidation process. In order to improve the oxidation resistance of our coating, Keding Enterprises Pte. Ltd. has incorporated the UV-coating technology to produce a finish that has better performance. The KD finish tends to be less prone to fading than the conventional coating. With the mission of providing continuous high-quality products to our customers, we will continue our efforts to research development on how to improve the oxidation resistance of our products.

Ultraviolet rays, which are contained in sunlight, could accelerate the oxidation and fading transaction on the veneer and its paint. The areas which were directly illuminated by the sunlight might generate the problem of color differences. Such problems easily lead to a controversial result between the proprietor and the contractor. Therefore, the best way to avoid the possibility of this controversial problem is to select a dark color veneer in these specific spaces and areas while the designer is still in the blueprint drawing phases. KD enterprises will continue to put more efforts in researching and developing the prevention of oxidation and fading to keep our products competitive in the market and guarantee to our customers the highest of quality.


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