Which one is better? System furniture or woodworking furniture?

When you want to decorate your home, besides referring to design pictures, you must also be thinking about who should be given full control of your beloved home, right? Perhaps you may find a designer to work with the carpenter, hoping to design a unique style just for you. But system furniture or off-the-shelf furniture may be cheaper. Are all these statements true? Perhaps you can refer to the table below to understand more so that you can make a smarter decision.

Let’s talk about what is woodworking furniture and system furniture!

System Furniture

System furniture is produced in large quantities in the factory, and when it arrives at the construction site, it is simply assembled. The gaps in the assembly are filled with silicone, making the construction more efficient and reducing the disturbance of the site environment. The specifications and forms of system furniture have certain standards, and the size and material of each part are also systematically produced, but most of them are not movable.
The surface material of the system furniture is plastic. The wood texture is simulated through artificial grain printing, so the appearance of the system furniture often gives an unrealistic and dull impression.

Although the installation time on site is shorter, the substrate of system furniture is made of broken granular wood and synthetic resin and other adhesive fillers and then pressed together, so the moisture resistance is poor. Its resistance to bending is also inferior to that of traditional wood panels. It cannot carry heavier items, so it is difficult to be used for large furniture, and not able to break through existing patterns in space decoration.

Woodworking furniture

The design and shape of woodworking furniture are varied, and the carpenter will tailor the furniture to the customer’s needs, cut and glue it on site, so the production period will be longer. The traditional production method is mainly spray painting, but on-site spray painting will have the risk of toxic and dust pollution. Therefore, the quality of woodworking furniture depends on the carpenters. When considering woodworking furniture, you need to consider looking for experienced and trustworthy carpenters.
KD Panels are great options for woodworking furniture. The only thing to do is fabrication and assembly. It can reduce on-site painting, dust pollution and shortening construction time. KD Panels are all low formaldehyde green building materials and grade-1 flame retardant to protect your health.

►KD panels

Comparison of system furniture and woodworking furniture
          System Furniture Traditional lacquered woodwork furniture
👍KD Panels woodwork furniture
Construction period Short Long Medium or short
Design Systematic and easy to be dull Variety of design styles, according to the needs of customers Variety of design styles, according to customer needs
Surface texture The surface material is plastic printing, so the pattern is not natural and poor texture On-site painting, the quality of carpenter varies The veneer is completely covered, yet thin and transparent, retaining the original grain
Healthiness The quality is uneven Spray paint contains toluene, xylene, lead and toluene, and other toxic substances Taiwan Green Building Material certificated and F1 grade plywood
Tailor-made Difficult to be customized Can be customized according to customer needs Can be customized according to customer needs
Mobility Able to be disassembled and assembled, but low firmness Glued and fixed with nails, not disassembled and assembled, but high solidity Glued and fixed with nails, not disassembled and assembled, but high solidity
Moisture resistance Particle board with poor moisture resistance Depending on the quality of painting Top-class UV coating technology can completely cover the surface to avoid moisture.
Construction process Mass-produced in the factory and then assembled on site On-site painting, easy to cause dust everywhere, paint smell residue. Only need to assemble, no dust pollution from painting and sanding.
Safety Depending on the price, quality varies General lacquer does not have the function of fire prevention and even has combustion characteristics. Grade-1 flame retardant cerification.
Product Quality On-site assembly with silicone caulking may become a place for rodents and cockroaches to live Before painting, the defects of veneered panels are not easy to find, even after spraying the wrong color, uneven color, easy to cause controversy and trouble. Professional painting in the factory, strict quality control, and can see the finished product in advance, avoiding unnecessary disputes.
Integrity Only custom-made furniture or cabinets, difficult to integrate with the decoration Cabinet design and interior decoration can be done as a whole. Cabinet design and interior decoration can be done as a whole.

Comparison of system furniture and woodworking furniture (Table source/KEDING)

Price comparison of woodworking furniture and system cabinets

The most important thing you want to know about interior decoration is the price, which has great relevance to the material and construction of the production. Although the price of particle board is higher than block board, the construction costs of woodworking furniture are much higher than the system furniture. System furniture only needs to be assembled on-site wages, but woodworking furniture needs to be made on site. The wage costs of woodworking furniture are higher, and if there are special shapes, the production cost will be increased further. System furniture has a standardized production and certain specifications, but the material qualities need to be well selected in order to have a healthy and comfortable home. The woodworking furniture styles are varied, but its quality is very dependent on the carpenter, and the paint pollution is also a key point to be considered. No matter which one you choose, the healthy and safe productions are the right choice of decoration.

Woodworking furniture recommendation – Tailor-made for your home space

The use of woodworking furniture with decoration can be tailored to the overall interior environment and meets the needs of the homeowner. Many woodworking furniture pieces are assembled by block board or plywood, and then veneered and painted. Sometimes, prefinished veneered panels are also used directly, which are ready-to-use, no need for lacquer. In contrast, although the installation of woodworking furniture takes longer, the solid and durable design of the furniture are the most ideal option for the houseowner.

Project picture (Photo credit/ Italian design)

Why should we choose KD Panels?

Project picture (Photo credit/ Vattier Design)

As home interior becomes an important factor in the quality of a home, how to create a quality, safe and functional living space has become a very important issue. After the above introduction, we can find that woodworking furniture is better than system furniture in all aspects. However, in addition to the designer’s ingenuity, the appearance of woodworking furniture is also a key to be chosen.

KD Panels provide various options for you to add a charming color to woodworking furniture. In addition, compared to the conventional lacquered panels, KD Panels are made of the finest wood veneer and plywood with 3D wood grain and UV coating technology. The surface is completely covered and provide durability and easy maintenance properties. Do you want to know more about the difference between KD Panels and conventional lacquered panels? Please click the video below to know more.



System furniture and woodworking furniture have their own strengths. It is recommended that you can choose woodwork or system cabinets according to your needs while considering the quality of carpenters or product, and choose a healthy building material that suits you.

In order to provide customers with diversified needs, KD will soon launch KD Modular Cabinets. Please look forward to it!


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