How poisonous can a space be after interior construction?

Refuse to live in a toxic gas chamber by strictly selecting healthy and green building materials.


If decorative materials are chosen carelessly, you may be in danger in the indoor environment! Talking about invisible killers at home, formaldehyde is the most common and most harmful indoor air toxin to the human body. It is listed as a first-class carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Long-term exposure to low-concentration formaldehyde may still cause chronic respiratory diseases, nasopharyngeal cancer, brain tumors, eye and skin allergies, and other diseases. Worse situations also include hepatitis, pneumonia, and kidney damage. Therefore, various nations have established indoor formaldehyde concentration standards to assure the safety of indoor environments.

To reduce the risk of exposure to excessive formaldehyde, selecting the right building materials is key. When selecting building materials, please ask for supporting documents that indicate low-formaldehyde emissions from the merchant. When purchasing, we recommend choosing large and reliable brands, which provide better product quality and support compared with commodities of unknown origins. KEDING, a Taiwanese healthy building materials brand, implemented low-formaldehyde substrates in all products in 2013. The tested formaldehyde emission is 0.014mg/m3, which is far lower than the formaldehyde standards of most regions. We also obtained the certification of healthy and green building materials. Feel free to select KD from your designers.


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