ECO⁺ Panels

ECO⁺ Panels

ECO⁺ Panels – These wood grain surfaces are printed with hyperrealistic printing technology and made with food-grade PP materials to simulate the look and touch of KD Panels™.

When KD Panels™ and ECO⁺ Panels are combined, you can achieve the closest match on the inside and outside of your woodwork.

Because of these, I choose KD

Safe, food-grade PP materials
Safe, food-grade PP materials
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PP materials are free of formaldehyde, plasticizer, melamine and other toxic substances. Making them the healthier option in the market.
Hyperrealistic wood grain printing technology
Hyperrealistic wood grain printing technology
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ECO⁺ Panels simulate the look of KD Panels™ to achieve the closest color match on the inside and outside of your woodwork.

ECO⁺ Panels are made of PP Film laminated to block board or plywood.
* PP Film:No formaldehyde, no plasticizers, no TVOC toxins
*Block Board: KD supplies F1 and F3 block board, both being low formaldehyde.
*Plywood: KD supplies F1 low-formaldehyde 3-ply plywood.

ECO⁺ Panels are made with Polypropylene (PP) film, hence they are not real veneer.

KD Panels are made of real wood veneers laid up on plywood, ECO⁺ Panels are made of non-toxic PP Film laid up on plywood. ECO⁺ Panels are designed according to the wood grains of KD Panels, and serve as a cost-effective balance backer that can provide a match on both the interior and exterior of your woodwork.

ECO+ Panels comply with Flame retardant standards.

Light dirt can be wiped directly with a damp wiping cloth when necessary. For stronger, stubborn stains, cleaning alcohol can be used until stains disappear.

ECO⁺ Panels rely on carpentry expertise and large appliances such as table saws,
therefore, we recommend hiring a professional carpenter to do the installation after selecting the product you desire.

You can ask your designer or decorator to choose our products in your project.
Or you are welcome to leave your information on our website, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Please refer to the link below to find your closest KD Showroom.

There are slight variations in product selection among different territories. Please contact us for more details.

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