Customize your child’s surroundings for development and living

Home is like an amusement park that grows up with kids. Every child is a precious treasure of their parents, thus each child’s needs must be taken into account while arranging the area. Using the warm wood, you can make a welcoming and secure environment for parents and children, whether it’s for crawling and exploring or a place to keep your own toys.

Amusement park on wood flooring

Children of different ages have different needs, from infancy to toddlerhood to children who read a lot. Looking around the home design, the general children’s room is mostly confined to a small room, ignoring the fact that four to five months old infants and young children will crawl around the whole house. The living room that condenses the family’s emotions is the area where the baby moves most often. The infant spends a lot of time touching the floor while crawling. Since the tiles are chilly, your baby might catch a cold easily from lying down or from prolonged crawling. And the hard tiles are more likely to cause the baby to fall and be injured. The soft texture and anti-slip properties of the hand-scraped oak flooring can better protect children’s development.

( Image Credit: Keding Enterprises)

Choose scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean materials

Store household items in the upper cabinet drawer out of the child’s reach and place your child’s toys in the lower drawer. When a kid climbs moveable furniture, the cabinet fastened to the wall can reduce the risk of the child tumbling and being crushed. The cabinet is coated with KD painted veneer panel that is scratch-resistant, wear-resistant, and not easy to damage. Although kids may draw on the cabinet, alcohol can quickly remove any greasy marker residues. Being an exquisite parent is no longer just a faraway dream thanks to kids’ good storage habits and an environment that is simple to clean and maintain!

(Image Credit:/Yi-Chuan Space Design)

Nature themed children’s bedroom

Children’s rooms can also use serene wood tones in addition to vibrant colors with lots of chroma. Behind the door of the children’s room designed by Eyang Design is the reading and playing area. The designer used a raised hardwood floor to demarcate the sleeping area from the rest of the space that makes of the environment relaxing because of the smooth wood-grain texture. The wall directly above the head of the bed is a hand-painted world map, and the lower part is stitched together with grey-toned white oak saw-marked solid wood. On the other side, a cork wall is used to record the miniatures and paintings of the brothers’ growth. A lot of wood is utilized to give the area a cozy, warm feel, and the entire space is accented in neutral colors.

Wooden interior for a parent-child area

Children develop their own preferences as they study and mature. The living environment for parents and children must be designed with the child’s future development and changes. Through the soft-touch hand scraped wood flooring and the KD coated veneer board that is easy to clean and maintain, the continuous wood grain can accompany children through a happy time, creating a safe and pleasant growth environment for children.


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