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Travel is the way many people experience the real existence of life. The visual and personal experiences found by pausing for a moment in those places you have longed to visit, can become the energy of existence that you will reminisce about during your everyday life. However, when travelling, there are always nights when you miss the big bed you’re used to at home. The ambience and warmth of your home is a welcome relief from the fatigue caused by travelling, and it is the intention of Lakeshore Hotel in Su’ao to provide a moment of tranquility for every traveler who visits.

Warming wooden textures fill the resort atmosphere

As you enter the lobby of the Lakeshore Hotel, you will see the warm wooden elements that fill the high ceilings. The dark woodwork extends all the way from the lobby to the lounge area, where it continues to take the form of a wooden floor that opens its arms to weary travelers. Designed with a precise structural calculation, the pillar-less and partition-free design brings a sense of imposition to the space, welcoming the light of the day and the shadows of the lights at night, while the exotic combination of warm wood and subdued marble makes the high-ceilinged lobby space look grand yet elegant, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for travelers to relax and unwind in.

A sense of relaxation through simplicity

The design team used brown and tan as the overall tone for the guest rooms, with light-colored wooden cabinetry to give a sense of lightness. The headboard is at the same height as the pillows to maintain a sense of visual coherence, while the deliberately white walls highlight the brightness of the colorful floral murals, giving the space a sense of brightness without losing its composure. This is complemented by the natural grain of the wood veneers and the linear carpet, a clever fusion of visual elements that embodies simplicity and at the same time fills the room with lines of light and shadow, injecting natural brightness and creating a sense of rest through raw pressure.

The headboard in the guest room has a wood color palette that adds layers to the overall space. (Photo credit/ Lakeshore Hotel, Su’ao. Products used/K6262, K6197CN)

The hot and cold double pools in each room are a special feature of the Lakeshore Hotel in Su’ao. (Photo credit/ Lakeshore Hotel, Su’ao. Product used/K6236)


Hot and cold pools, a feast for the mind and body

Located in the tranquil town of Su’ao, the Lakeshore Hotel offers the most famous cold springs and looks out on stunning mountain scenery that cannot be missed. Each room features both a cold spring and a hot spring, offering a dual-pool experience. The design team has combined space and art to create a sense of a harbor, with large wood and azure panels, and floor-to-ceiling windows with a panoramic view of the Yilan coast. It’s getting cold! If you haven’t made plans for this weekend, why not book a stay at The Lakeshore Hotel in Su’ao and plan a relaxing and recharging trip for your weary soul?

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Savor the stunning landscapes and read in the wooden space to relax your mind, body and soul. (Photo credit / Jason)



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