Quietly guarding the changing years – Oak

It has been silently protecting the beginning of every life for 13,000 years. It experiences cultural changes from the seclusion of the Ice Age to the abundance of the crescent region, and the magnificence of the pyramids. It may be far from eternity, but California’s Jurupa Oak is the oldest and longest living creature on the planet. It is not afraid of drought, frost and storm. Each challenge serves merely to develop the oak’s most exquisite style and the following stronger bravery.

Image Credit: Yujian Studio K6187AS

The Russian painter Ivan Shishkin painted the old oak tree into a lush, sturdy, sturdy, and exudes a sense of rigidity and softness. Equally fascinating is the true story of the old song “Tie a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree”. One man was jailed for three years for the crime. On the eve of his return, he wrote to his wife, telling her that if she would forgive him, she would tie a yellow ribbon to the old oak tree by the door. As the bus approached, the man did not have the courage to look, but the whole car started cheering for him. The old oak tree was wrapped with hundreds of yellow ribbons that were blowing in the breeze as he opened his eyes.

The quietly guarded image of the old oak may be the reason why the oak became the national tree of the United States. Oak trees are known for their longevity and cloud-like canopy. Its heartwood cells’ exterior channels are frequently covered in minerals, making them impenetrable to water. The hydrolyzed tannins, lactones, and natural woody scent of oak are also distinctive. The oak barrels used to store wine have been utilised for hundreds of years all across the world, but mainly in France. The wine gets exposed to a little quantity of air throughout the maturing process because of the pores in the wood. The wine will mellow and acquire several nuances with slight oxidation.

Image credit: vp design K6187AS

The heartwood of white oak is usually gray-brown, and the sapwood is white. The growth rings are obviously slightly wavy, heavy and hard, and the texture is beautiful and shiny. It is mainly produced in Europe and North America. In addition, a scute pattern is often seen on straight-grain veneers due to the more pronounced aggregated wood lines of white oak. The natural and rustic texture is by no means a flaw, but a natural texture only found in white oak. In addition, the clear and deep pores also add more natural texture to white oak furniture or decoration.

Now take a look at real case photos of the application of white oak. The reading and reception room designed by HOZO interior design connects the spaces with serene wood. Wood is used to display bookcases, tables, and chairs in a way that highlights the building’s natural attractiveness without using garish colors or intricate materials. People may read leisurely and peacefully while enjoying a cup of tea in the rustic and cozy minimalist setting.

Image credit: vp design K6187AS

In the apartment design of Vattier Design, it can be seen that white oak is not only suitable for furniture veneer, but also very suitable for application on the wall. The veneers are overlapped in shades and collages to create a cloud-like resting space. Compared with wallpaper, wood veneer can show a richer texture. The natural texture is also beyond the comparison of plastic printing. In addition, the range of application of veneer panels is more diverse. Walls, cabinets, bookshelves and wooden doors can be decorated with veneer panels to make the space more integrated.

The umbrella-like shape of white oak is like an arm that shields the wind and rain, protecting the tired soul of every returning person. The warm, inviting ambience of the entire area is set by the delicately white and exquisite white wood furniture and accents.

Image Credit: Yujian Studio K6187AS


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