The Beautiful Life

Mary Leu is a fine wood carving artist

Attracted by the fragrance and the characteristics of wood, she absorbs herself deeply in the fine art of carving. With her heart and soul, she translates her feelings of the beautiful life into great sculptures, passing on her passions to the world through her excellent skills. From the material to the craft of the carving, every piece of her work is a great artwork of its time.

In the past 30 years, Mr. Huang, the factory director of Keding Enterprises Co., Ltd., has devoted himself to researching on how to enhance the techniques of coloring and lacquering for presenting the vivid grain of wood in our daily lives. With his competence and full commitment, Mr. Huang has realized the essence of the art of wood application.

To create the finest wood flooring with a collective value, Mr. Huang has invited Mary Leu to be our consultant. The flooring combined the aesthetics of the carving master and the lacquering expert; therefore, we name it the “Beautiful Living”flooring, the finest crafts inspired by aesthetics. The processing of logs is the beginning of their new lives. They can become invaluable crafts or priceless pieces of art, cheap decoration materials or the finest construction materials.

The new life of the wood and the unique value it holds are all given by the hands which transform it. Carving and coating is a three-dimensional art. After processing according to its own grain, the finished products are of elegant quality, giving the users an experience of vigor from the wood. The series of “Beautiful Living”flooring, crafted and colored by hands, not only display the vivid natural grains of wood, but retain both the solid texture and the lithe feature of wood flooring. The series include classic, country, luxurious and modern styles, pursuing a sense of the purity in nature. The artworks are no longer locked in the showcases but fully immersed in every step of our daily lives. Apart from visual satisfaction and tactile enjoyment, the artistic flooring also reflect the features of nature, their environment-friendliness, and our health, bringing us to reach a realm where man and nature unite.


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