Why Use Laminates on Walls & Design Ideas for Wall Laminates

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What is a Wall Laminate?

A wall laminate is a layer of composite material applied to the surface of a wall for various purposes. Wall laminate panels are typically made by fusing layers of ornamental paper and melamine resin under high heat and pressure. 

This process creates a robust and flexible material available in a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns. Wall laminate sheets can also offer similar functionality, providing a versatile and affordable solution. Compared to traditional painted walls, laminates offer several advantages, which we’ll explore in the next section.


Why Place Laminates on a Wall?

Laminates transform walls effortlessly, offering versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Here are the reasons to choose laminates for a stylish and functional wall upgrade.

Variety of Options

The versatility of wall laminates shines through when compared to traditional paint or wallpaper options. Whether you seek the warmth of natural textures like wood or the sophistication of marble, laminates emulate the authentic properties seamlessly. This wide variety not only allows you to create a distinctive interior style but also offers a variety of aesthetically pleasing possibilities for elevating your space, ensuring your walls reflect your unique taste and preferences.

Low Maintenance

Unlike the constant upkeep required for painted walls or wallpapers, laminates demand minimal effort. Regular dusting and occasional cleaning with a damp cloth keep them looking pristine, ensuring longevity without the need for extensive repairs or replacements. The hassle-free maintenance, combined with scratch and moisture resistance, positions wall laminates as a superior choice

Enhanced Durability

Using laminates on walls boasts durability with scratch and impact resistance, ensuring the outer layer shields the inner layers while maintaining color and gloss over time. Also, their moisture resistance prevents bacterial growth, resulting in an antibacterial surface. In comparison, paints lack the same long-term resilience as laminates.

Easy Installation

Laminate installation involves lining walls with plywood for a smooth surface, eliminating the need for other extensive preparations. It is a time-saving and effortless process, offering easy removal without wall damage. Opting for laminates saves considerable time compared to traditional methods like painting or wallpapering.

Amazing Affordability

Laminate’s affordability brings the luxurious realism of hardwood, marble, or granite within budget. This cost-effectiveness lets you build your dream space and fulfill high expectations in style with a modest budget.

No Side Effects

Choose laminates for walls to eliminate health risks associated with paint and also minimize allergic reactions like respiratory infections and skin discomfort.


Different Laminate Designs and Textures for Walls

Explore our laminate collections, ideal for transforming walls and infusing spaces with unique designs, elevating the ambiance. Discover our curated wall laminate design recommendations below for inspiration:


Wood Grain Collection for Commercial Setting

Project: La One Bakery / Laminate Used: L276A

Wood laminate walls, radiating warmth, blend with the aroma of pastries in this bakery. A tactile delight, echoing the bakery's handcrafted ethos.

La One Bakery presents a serene sanctuary where the allure of elm from our Wood Grain Collection creates a canvas of natural splendor. Elm, with its distinctive wood grain, casts a dance of organic lines and patterns across the bakery, inviting the eye to wander and the spirit to unwind.

This wood laminate wall infuses the space with an earthy warmth, harmonizing with the aroma of fresh pastries. It’s a tactile experience, where the touch of elm under fingertips reminds one of the simple pleasures—much like the handcrafted breads that nestle within this wooden embrace. 


Wood Grain Collection for Office Space

Project: Ford Motor Company / Laminate Used: L187A

White oak laminate walls infuse this office with calm & focus. Nature's touch invigorates while grounding, fostering well-being & productivity.

In this office space, the air is not just filled with ambition, but also the subtle sophistication of our Wood Grain Collection, featuring the timeless appeal of white oak. The wood laminate feature wall, wrapped in the gentle grain of the white oak laminate, evokes a sense of calm and focus, essential for the bustling minds at work.

The natural texture brings an element of the outdoors inside, creating a workspace that’s both energizing and grounding. Here, the everyday hustle is balanced with a touch of nature’s serenity, making it not just an office, but a hub of well-being and productivity.


Solid Color Collection for Residential Interior

Project: Treasure One / Laminate Used: L8305, L8307

Serene bedroom in creamy Silky Matte laminates on walls. Buttercream walls soothe, Mojave grounds, creating a calming retreat

This tranquil bedroom embodies restful elegance, dressed in the soothing shades of Silky Matte Buttercream and Mojave from our Solid Color Collection. The soft, muted tones of the wall laminate design in the room provide a creamy canvas that calms the senses, perfect for unwinding after a long day. The buttercream’s velvety texture captures the essence of serenity, while the Mojave adds a touch of earthiness, grounding the space in comfort.


Solid Collection for Living Room

Project: YUNYUE RESIDENCE / Laminate Used: L8304

Modern living room: Ash white laminate walls & sleek wood console create a minimalist haven. Matte finish and dark shelves add depth for an airy, sophisticated space.

Step into a living room where minimalism meets elegance, courtesy of our Solid Color Collection’s silky matte ash white laminate. The pristine ash white walls serve as a canvas of tranquility, complemented by a sleek floating console in a gentle wood tone that adds warmth to the monochromatic scheme.

This setting, with its clean lines and uncluttered aesthetic, embodies modern sophistication. The matte finish absorbs light softly, ensuring that the space feels open and airy, while the dark floating shelves provide a striking contrast that anchors the room.


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Choose Keding for the Best Wall Laminates

At Keding, we lead in crafting eco-friendly building materials, innovating to meet evolving consumer needs for superior wall laminates. Also, our commitment extends beyond sustainability. Crafted from non-toxic food-grade PP material, our ECO⁺ Laminates are free from formaldehyde and harmful substances, promoting the well-being of your loved ones. 

With two decades of expertise, 60+ certifications, and a global presence, choose us to build non-toxic, sustainable spaces. 

Contact Singapore’s top laminate brand today for more tailored solutions or simply click below to explore the breadth of our ECO⁺ laminates options for wall designs and discover the perfect solution to bringing your vision to life.


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